We can all agree that a great deal of development, including interconnection, has been brought about in our surroundings by the next technological era. For many different kinds of individuals, this global connectedness has opened up a wealth of economic and development options. All we have to do is work out how to maximize every other opportunity for ourselves. Therefore, in order to inform you about one such gateway that permits international business, we will be discussing Soujiyi. As a result, you should read this article through to the end if you want to learn everything about the platform and all of its features.

    Known About Soujiyi

    Soujiyi is a popular platform owned and developed by Chongqing Huifa Network Technology Co. Ltd. Hengda Zhongyu Plaza, in the Yubei District of Chongqing, is the company’s address. Their specialty is enabling global trade, particularly e-commerce that crosses borders. They have also been providing customers with a range of data software choices so they can easily support these services. Apart from this, the group has gained a great deal of attention for the unwavering effort they have put into providing their services ever since they were established. opening up new opportunities and conducting business globally for a range of partners and clients.

    Procedure To Sign Up into Soujiyi

    As you know that to enjoy all the features of the website you need to register into the website. For that follow the given below steps are:-

    • The first step is to open “Browser” on your device of choice.
    • When the browser opens, you have to utilize the search box to find Soujiyi.
    • When the result appears on the dashboard, tap the official website Soujiyi.com.
    • On the platform’s site, click the “Sign Up” button that shows up in the upper right corner.
    • On the screen that prompts you, enter your login credentials, password, PIN code, country code, and mobile number.
    • Once you’re certain that all of your login information is accurate, click “Register” to continue. 
    • Finally, your account will be successfully created and operational.

    Note: We advise using any reputable VPN if you are unable to access the official website.

    Procedure for Soujiyi Login

    After registering an account on the website, you need to go through the Soujiyi Login process in order to access your account. By following the guidelines provided below, you may easily complete the same activity.

    • To access and browse the official website, use any “Browser” on any device.
    • Select the result with the link to the face website by tapping on it when the SERPs display.
    • Click the “login” button located in the “Menu Bar” on the platform’s main dashboard.
    • Next, fill up the given input boxes on the suggested page with your cellphone number and the country code.
    • Once your number has been verified, completing the Soujiyi Login process will be simple.

    Services Offered By Soujiyi

    Soujiyi offers a variety of items to meet the needs and preferences of its diverse clientele. To provide you a quick introduction, we have discussed some of the best and most well-liked items.

    • CRM for sales: Soujiyi CRM This is quite successful and stands for Customer Relationship Management. With the real-time data you get, you can comprehend the preferences of your clients.
    • Data Subscription: The platform’s artificial intelligence gathers and examines data from various sources. Following examination, these gathered data are confirmed and sent to the clients, ensuring smooth operation.
    • Email Finder: This platform solution will make it simple for you to find every customer email, minute by minute. This will make it easier for you to comprehend consumer comments and requirements.
    • Email Campaigns: With the aid of Email Campaign tools, you can set up any email campaign with ease. It gets rid of the laborious and intimidating procedure so you can do the work quickly.

    Characteristics Of Soujiyi

    It’s not just its services that have made Soujiyi stand out from all of its rivals. However, they stand apart due to their other products. You may learn more about their other offers by reading the details provided below.

    • Blogs : The platform features a dedicated blog area whereby they discuss various subjects connected to their service and trendy rade. This not only makes their website educational but also meets the audience’s various wants. In addition, they have put a lot of effort into creating their area by incorporating a variety of information sets.
    • Community : Additionally, they have made a committed community available for all audiences and clients to participate in. By doing this, users may locate individuals who share their interests in addition to learning more about other Serval partners and clients.
    • Friendliness of Interface : The nicest thing about utilizing this website is that it has an easy-to-use interface that makes navigating simple. Additionally, they have offered in-depth blogs that are simple to understand.

    Pricing Structure Of Soujiyi

    You need to be informed of Soujiyi’s price in order to use its services and goods. As a result, we have offered a comprehensive price system that includes enterprise and personal rates.

    Personal PaymentEnterprise Payment
    FreeStandard Version at 3680/year
    Standard Version at 6980/yearPremium Version at 6980/year
    Single Version at 1998/yearUltimate Version at 9980/year  

    Disclaimer: All material contained in this blog is purely informative and is based on our own research. There may be times when the information given is not followed. Consequently, we advise you to confirm the same on Soujiyi’s official website.


    We have tried our best to offer you with all the essential knowledge about Soujiyi in an effort to make this site instructive. Therefore, after reading the provided content, you will have a better understanding of the products the platform offers, how to sign up, and other subjects. A substantial amount of knowledge will be acquired by you. Thus, this may be a great opportunity for you to begin trading internationally or writing an article.